Patrick Madigan





   MFA           2007     Photography                Rhode IslandSchool of Design


   Certificate  2007  Collegiate Teaching         BrownUniversity


   BFA           2005     Photography                 ArizonaStateUniversity



Professional Experience


2010-            Photography / Digital Media Program Director;

2011             Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ


2008-            Adjunct Faculty; Mesa and Glendale Community College, AZ       

2009             Intro to Digital Photography, Photography I


2006-            Instructor of Record;Rhode IslandSchool of Design,Providence,RI

2007             Introduction to Photography; Photography II


2004-                        Photographic Assistant to Betsy Schneider (Photographer),

2005             Tempe,AZ


2003-            Redeye Gallery Collaborative Director;Phoenix,AZ





      2010-               City of Phoenix, Office of Arts and Culture, Historic Buildings

      2009                Grant/Commission


      2005-               Outstanding Senior in Photography,ArizonaStateUniversity 


2004-                             J. Russell and Bonita Nelson Scholarship,ArizonaStateUniversity




Selected Exhibition Record (*solo shows marked by asterisk)

    2011         *Following Footprints, Practical Art, Phoenix, AZ


     2010         -We teach…, Yavapai College Art Gallery, Prescott, AZ


     2009         -Exchanging Ideas: photography, abstraction and metaphor at mid-

                           century Portfolio Share,  Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary

                           Art,  Scottsdale, AZ


     2008         *The Monumental, the kitchenette; Phoenix, AZ


     2007          NewInsight, Art Chicago; Chicago, IL

                     Plus Ultra Gallery,New York, NY


                     55 Mercer Gallery,New York,NY


                     MFA Thesis Exhibition, RISD Museum @ Providence Convention
                        Center, RI           


                     Not Pictured, Sol Koffler Gallery,Providence,RI


                     Sneak Peak,Providence,RI


      2006         Body:Focus, Sol Koffler Gallery,Providence,RI


      2005                The Fall, Sol Koffler Gallery,Providence,RI


              Graduate Photography, Redeye Gallery,Providence,RI


              Ripple, (Hurricane Katrina Benefit), Scottsdale Center for the Arts, 


              *The Wild Wild, Northlight Gallery,Tempe,AZ


               Spring Dance,ArizonaStateUniversity,Tempe,AZ


               ASU Photography Show, Four White Walls,Phoenix,AZ


               *Twisted, Redeye Gallery,Phoenix,AZ


*Decomposition of His Body, Northlight Gallery Upstairs,Tempe,AZ


Digital Concentrate, Purdue University Galleries,West Lafayette,IN



Fourth Photography Image Biennial Exhibition, Juror: Maggie Taylor

WellingtonB. Gray Art Gallery,EastCarolinaUniversity,Greenville,NC



Senior Exhibition, Gallery 100,ArizonaStateUniversity,Tempe,AZ


Art Detour 2005, Redeye Gallery, Phoenix, AZ


Nude International 2005,Lexington Art League,Lexington,KY


Frozen in Time, Redeye Gallery,Phoenix,AZ


2004                  Staring Back at You, Redeye Gallery,Phoenix,AZ


Class Exhibition, Northlight Gallery Upstairs,Tempe,AZ


Stranger than Fiction II, Juried Exhibition, ALL Gallery,New Haven,CT


Polaroid, Redeye Gallery,Phoenix,AZ


Ten Eleven, Redeye Gallery,Phoenix,AZ


Building Sustainable Community Relationships: Art and Health Care,

Jurors: Mayme Kratz (artist), Susan Copeland (Phoenix Arts Commission)

Patti Valdez, Clark Olson(owner of BonnerDavidGallery), and Alison
Dunn(artist),  Phoenix,AZ



Commonality, Redeye Gallery,Phoenix,AZ


*It’s A Small World,Northlight Gallery,Arizona State University,Tempe,AZ


Art Detour 2004, Redeye Gallery,Phoenix,AZ


Redeye Collaborative Premiere, Redeye Gallery,Phoenix,AZ


2003                      Klatch-Fusion, Juried Exhibition, Neti Neti Gallery,Tempe,AZ


Bone Show, Juried Exhibition, Rezurrection Gallery,TempeAZ


Juried Exhibition of Undergraduate Photography,STEP Gallery,



2002           Juried Undergraduate Exhibition,Harry Wood Gallery,Arizona






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      Sarah Bannan, “Look into Their Eyes,” State Press Magazine, October 21,

      2004, 10.


      James Palazzolo, “The Shutters are Open,” Java, May, 2004, 16.



Books and Catalogues

                      Hair’em Scare’em. Berlin, Germany: Gestalten 2009

                       Menon, Elizabeth K., "Techno Aesthetics", Digital Concentrate
                                 Art and Technology, Purdue University Galleries, 
                                 West Lafayette, IN, 2005.

                       Fourth Photography Image Biennial Exhibition
                                  EastCarolina University, Greenville,NC